December - February Donation Drive : Community Fridges Toronto (CFTO)

As the colder months approach, Community Fridges Toronto (CFTO) is raising funds to winterize their pantries and fridges to avoid the risk of food spoiling due to weather-related damages. They hope to make winter sheds / pantries more accessible, more user friendly, and with more space in general for pantry items. Any remaining funds will be used to purchase food for the fridges and emergency supplies. 

The pandemic has jarringly highlighted and exasperated food insecurity, and CFTO "believes that all people deserve choice and dignity... Need can look difference for everyone and we must broaden our idea of what need looks like; there is no face of food insecurity." (1) They operate under a "take what you need, leave what you can" philosophy where items can be accessed at any time of day, no questions asked, without enrolling in a program, and free from the stigma associated with food insecurity.


For the months of December - February, The Herb Depot will be collecting donations at checkout in increments of 5%, 10%, or 15% of your purchase amount, or a custom amount up to the full amount of your purchase (100%). 50% of collections will be used to purchase food and goods for the fridges, and the other 50% will be donated to the CFTO go fund me. At the end of each month we will amass our collections + 10% contributed by The Herb Depot to purchase food and contribute to the Go Fund Me. 

Alternatively, you can directly donate to CFTO's go fund me (as linked below); host a food drive; volunteer; or purchase fresh produce, pantry items, personal care items, PPE, dairy, and/or bread.

Please be respectful of fridge locations if dropping off donations as they are hosted by places of business. Do not drop off expired or rotting food, home cooked meals, open packages, leftovers, and/or clothing and housewares. 




CFTO Go Fund Me:

CFTO Fridge Locations:,-79.3789513,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m3!11m2!2smKBODH3d9hUnBibGrLuw4wWEUr0NtQ!3e3

CFTO Volunteer Form:



Drive Results:

Raised $279.15 - Thank you for all your donations to CFTO! We able to fill 3 fridges twice over. 

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