June-July Donation Drive: Toronto Indigenous Harm Reduction

As a response to the massive shutdown of frontline services and a lack of basic needs for Indigenous houseless folks, Toronto Indigenous Harm Reduction (TIHR) began in April 2020 to provide basic needs, access to critical health support & Covid-19 testing, harm reduction supplies, sexual, reproductive health and prenatal support, traditional medicines, traditional food, expressive arts, and ceremony to some of our most vulnerable people.

TIHR aims to reduce the negative impacts of substance use and other stigmatized behaviours and experiences through culture and unconditional support. TIHR is an entirely queer and Two-Spirit Indigenous collective founded by Nanook Gordon, co led by Brianna Olson Pitawanakwat and Lua Mondor and supported by Dashmaawaan Bemadzinjin (They feed the people) and countless volunteers 1.

For the months of June to July, The Herb Depot will be collecting donations at checkout in increments of 5%, 10%, or 15% of your purchase amount, or a custom amount up to the full amount of your purchase (100%). 100% of collections will be donated to Toronto Indigenous Harm Reduction.

 Alternatively, you can directly donate to their Go Fund Me or through their website, both linked below.





Go Fund Me:



Drive Results:

Raised $459.30 - Thank you for all your donations to TIHR!

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