January - March Donation Drive: Feed the Frontlines TO

Starting today, Ontario has declared a state of emergency with stay-at-home orders. Cases are increasing and hospitals are bound, if not already, to be overwhelmed including their workers. 

For the months of January to March, The Herb Depot will be collecting donations at checkout in increments of 5%, 10%, or 15% of your purchase amount, or a custom amount up to the full amount of your purchase (100%). 100% of collections will be donated to Feed the Frontlines TO.

What began as a helping hand to a friend's restaurant business in New York City at the start of the first lockdown in March 2020, bloomed into an initiative linking and supporting two sectors very much affected by the pandemic. Feed the Frontlines TO seeks to support local restaurants by purchasing meals to feed frontline workers of COVID-19 as well as families hit hard by the pandemic.








Drive Results:

Raised $390.51 - A wonderful turnout, thank you for all your donations to Feed the Frontlines! 


January 14, 2021 by The Herb Depot

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