Our Donation Drive Pick of The Month: Sundance Harvest

For the month of August, The Herb Depot will be collecting donations at checkout in increments of 5%, 10%, or 15% of your purchase amount, or a custom amount up to the full amount of your purchase (100%). 100% of collections will be donated to Sundance Harvest in helping them fund needed equipment for their forthcoming rural farm!

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Sundance Harvest is a full-year functioning urban farm that works to provide education and resources to the community in order to empower them to begin their own urban farming practices to "eradicate institutionalized racism within the food system" (1).

Food justice and food sovereignty is at the heart of their focus offering programs such as "Growing in the Margins" -  an educational program that mentors youth that self-identify as low-income, Black, Indigenous, a Person of Colour, LGBTQ2S or a person with a disability that would like to "have a full-time career in (urban) agriculture or lead community food sovereignty movements but need hands-on farming education to do so" (2). Farm School and the Liberating Lawns project are other programs facillitated by Sundance Harvest and Cheyenne, the founder and self-taught farmer spearheading the whole operation. 

Produce from Sundance Harvest is currently available to purchase at the Dufferin Grove Farmers Market. The regular park market has currently not yet resumed, but produce and goods are available to purchase online for delivery or pick-up on Thursdays. 

Click here to donate directly to Sundance Harvest, and to read more about their work and initiative!

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Drive Results:

$77.78 raised - thank you to all donations for our very first drive to Sundance Harvest! 


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