Wormwood Foot Patch 艾葉贴 (Mugwort, Ai Ye)

$13.50 CAD

8 plasters

Benefits: Foot Patch eliminates toxins, relieves pain, reduces swelling, removes dampness from the body, promotes blood circulation, boosts immune system, helps to relax, and enhances the quality of sleep


Wormwood (Mugwort) Extract, Wood Vinegar Extract, Dextrin, Tourmaline, Carapace Powder, Plant Fibre, Vitamin C 


1. Remove the protective backing sheet from the Adhesive Plaster Tape
2. Attach the Wood Vinegar Extract Powder Pack(coloured side) to the middle of the adhesive side of the Adhesives Plaster Tape as indicated
3. Adhere the whole Plaster Tape lo the affected area, such as the soles and knees, for 6-8 hours
4. Remove and dispose of the used moist Plaster and wash the treated area If necessary

Do not apply the Plaster to open wounds, inflamed areas, the face and any skin irritation

1 Keep out of roach of children, For external use only. Do not consume with the eyes Otherwise, consults your doctor immediately for treatment
2 Apply immediately after the protective backing shoot is removed from the Adhesive Plaster Tape
3 Do not puncture the pack containing wood vinegar extract powder
4 Remove the plaster immediately if feels discomfort after application