A Guide to a Healthy Period with TCM

As mentioned in Lara Briden’s book Period Repair Manual, your period is not just your period; it is an expression of your underlying health. Many holistic health practitioners would probably agree that if you fix your health, you will fix your period. So instead of crouching in bed every month questioning why, let’s take a step ahead using natural remedies to answer how? Recently, we have been told by a few customers that how acupuncture has helped with their menstruation, reduced their period cramp, and pre-menstrual syndromes. Chinese herbs have also been the essential go-to method for regulating menstruation and the “hormonal imbalance” for centuries.

In this article, we will discuss two types of imbalances (Deficiency type and Excess type) to demonstrate how Chinese herbs and food remedies can invite a pain-free and easy flowing period.

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For the diasporic second-generation of immigrants, re-claiming your culture is often through food and food culture. Tiktok has created a platform for the community to connect and share recipes and tips. E-commerce platforms like The Herb Depot have made normally hard-to-get ingredients more accessible. Our very own Beatrice was interviewed by Stephanie Wong Ken to speak about the virtual landscape of Chinese ingredients and recipes. 

“[TCM] can look intimidating when you’re young watching elders do it, but then, once you try it yourself, you realize you have a lot of that knowledge already,” Au says. “It empowers you to find out more about your own culture.”

Tea for Nourishing Blood

Colder weather means maintaining and boosting blood circulation is of utmost importance! This simple and sweet tea nourishes blood and invigorates circulation to keep you warm on those frosty days. This infusion is also great for nourishing the body after menstruation. 

Serves: 1 cup

Brew time: 3-5 mins

2-3 Jujubes cut in half or quartered
1 tsp Goji Berries
3-4 Dried Longan Fruit Pieces

1 c Filtered water

Bring water to a boil and pour over dried fruit and berries. Steep for 3-5 minutes. This infusion can be steeped until it has lost most its flavour

Sip and enjoy!


Completing Your
Plant-Based Diet with Herbs

We eat plants so that we can have a closer touch with the earth.
Sourced from local farms, Chinese herbs can nourish and tonify to make your vegetarian and vegan diet more complete.

In this article, we will discuss how Chinese herbs can help build a more balanced and nutrient rich diet for veggie lovers.

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