Huo Hsiang Cheng Chi Pien (Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Wan) 藿香正氣片 (STOMACH DAMP RELIEF)


(Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Wan)

NPN: 02230977

0.6g x 8 Plates x 12 tablet (96 tablets total) 



This Traditional Chinese Medicine is used for relief of diarrhea and associated nausea and bloating.  A valuable medicine for poor digestion due to deficiency of spleen with phlegm-damp causing nausea, vertigo, headache, pasty or loose stools, and flatulence. Excellent for wind-damp invasion of the stomach (summer-damp-heat stomach flu). Helpful with motion sickness and morning sickness.


Medicinal Ingredients:

Angelica dahurica (baizhi) (Root)...79.5mg

Areaca catechu L. (dafupi) (Pericarp)...79.5mg

Atractylodes lancea (cangzhu) (Rhizome)...56.4mg

Citrus reticulata (chenpi) (Peel)...56.4mg

Glycyrrhiza glabra L. (gancao) (Root)...33.3mg

Magnolia officinalis (huopo) (Bark)...56.4mg

Perilla frutescens (zisuye) (Leaf)...79.5mg

Pogostemon cablin (guanghuoxiang) (Aerial part)...79.5mg

Poria cocos (fuling) (Sclerotium)...79.5mg


Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

Rice starch


Recommended Dose:

For adults: 4 tablets, twice daily 



Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. If diarrhea persists for more than 2 days or in the presence of high fever, consult a physician. 

Keep out of reach of children.