Pediatrics of Traditional Chinese Medicine 中医儿科学


Publishing House of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Pediatrics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a medical science developing under the guidance of the theoretical system of TCM. Its main therapeutic methods include traditional Chinese drugs, acupuncture and moxibustion as well as tuina (naprapathy). It concentrates on the study of the growth and development of children from fetus to teenagers as well as physiology, pathology, feeding, health care and the prevention and treatment of various diseases. This book, one of the fascicles of a Newly Compiled Practical English-Chinese Library of TCM, expounds the physiological and pathological characteristics of infants, briefly discusses the essentials for diagnosis and treatment and centres the introduction of the diagnosis, syndrome differentiation and treatment of 40 kinds of commonly-encountered diseases in clinic. It is hoped that the study of this book may enable you to have a general and comprehensive understanding about pediatrics of TCM.

This book is composed of two major parts, General Introduction and Specific Discussions. There are 5 chapters including 43 sections. In the General Introduction, the pediatric basis of TCM is expounded. In the Specific Discussions, the infantile diseases are discussed in the following aspects:

Introduction: Introduction of the conception, pathogeny, nomenclature of both TCM and modern medicine, etiological factors and pathogenesis.

Essentials for diagnosis: Introduction of the main points of the symptoms, signs, case history and both physical and chemical tests in diagnosis.

Treatment by Differentiating syndrome: The essentials for differentiating syndromes and therapeutic principles are elucidated first. Then detailed analysis about differentiation of individual syndrome is discussed, including the main syndromes, therapeutic methods, prescriptions as well as their modifications.

Other therapeutic methods: The commonly used patent drugs of TCM, empirical prescriptions and external therapies are introduced. The dosage mentioned in this book usually refers to the dosage for the children  of from 6 to 12 years old except the dosage for the neonatal administration.

This book is compiled by the Pediatrics Teaching Section of Nanjing University of TCM.