Sang Chu Yin Pien 桑菊饮片 (COMMON COLD)

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NPN: 80019451

60 Tablets



Relieve the beginning of common cold (light symptoms). Especially used for wind-heat type of cold.

Wind-heat type of cold symptoms: headache, cough, thirsty, dry throat. Wind-cold type of cold symptoms: feel cold in the body, fever, not thirsty, no sweat, stuffy nose, sneezing.


Medicinal Ingredients:

Folium Mori…19.84%

Flos Chrysanthemi…7.95%

Fructus Forsythiae…11.90%

Semen Armeniacae Amarum…15.87%

Radix Rlatycooi…15.87%

Rhizoma Phragmits…15.87%

Radix Glcyrrhizae…6.35%

Herba Menthae…6.35%


Recommended Dose:

4-8 tablets per time, three times daily with warm water.



Not suitable for pregnancy, not suitable for wind-cold type of cold. Drink more hot water. Consult your TCM professional prior use is highly recommended.