Universal Detox Patch 竹酢保健贴布

$14.15 CAD

10 patches


Ingredients: Bamboo Vinegar,  Wood Vinegar, Tourmaline, Chitin, Loquat Leaf, Houttuynia Cordata Thunb, Vitamin C and Dextrin

Benefits: Universal Detox Patch eliminates toxins, relieves pain, reduces Sore neck and Shoulder, promotes blood circulation, improve Cold hands and feet, relives Foot fatigue.

1.Clean the affected area.
2.Remove pads from the pouch, peel from the backing paper.
3.Apply the patch onto affected area for 6-8 hours


1. For external use only.
2. Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin.
3. Discontinue use if iritation or discomfort occurs.
4. Keep out of reach of children

Sealed, keep in a cool and dry place