Chinese Tea ABC

Unlike the teas in western culture, Chinese tea can be categorized into 6 types in terms of the fermentation and processing: 

 1.Green Tea

      Longjing, Biluochun, Gunpowder 

  • manufactured from the tea plant’s fresh shoots with a refreshing taste 
  • antioxidant, Vitamin C, enzymes, perfect for detox  
  • paired with stir-fries, pastries and fruits. 

 2.White Tea

  • harvested only in early spring once a year  
  • light golden in colour 
  • tastes sweet with floral or lemony aroma 

 3.Yellow Tea

      Beigang Maojian

  • light golden in colour
  • gently sweet flavour and aroma with soft texture
  • encased and steamed before the leaves are completely dried, therefore eliminating the grassy taste 
4.Red Tea (Chinese Black Tea)
  • sophisticated smells ranging from malty to savory 
  • milder than western black tea, paired with milk 

5.Oolong Tea

      Tieguanyin, Da Hong Pao 

  • in a spectrum between green and black tea 
  • semi-oxidized 
  • tastes similar to green tea, with notes ranging from floral and fruity to nutty and woody 

6.Dark Tea 


  • also known as fermented tea 
  • rich ruby in color with a delicate and fresh texture 
  • taste develops with age   
  • raw pu’er tea tastes bitter initially with a refreshing aftertaste. As it ages, the bitterness fades.  
  • ripe pu’er tea has a herbal taste complemented with fresh honey aromas. It also improves in flavor as it ages. 


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January 30, 2024 — The Herb Depot

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