Si Shen Tang(soup) , mild yet effective, is a TCM formula that has been served on the tables of Chinese households for centuries. Four magical ingredients (Shan Yao / Huai Shan Lotus Seed/Lian Zi, Fox Nuts/Qian Shi, and Poria/Fu Shenwork altogether to nourish your spleen and elevated lethargy when seasons change.

However, you may notice that a variant of this formula is the replacement of Fu Shen by Fu Ling. I couldn't help but wonder: does it make a huge difference here?

In fact, both Fu Ling and and Fu Shen are two different parts coming from the same fungus called Poria cocos. More specifically, Fu Ling is the inner, woody part of the Poria cocos mushroom; it is the dried and processed form of the mushroom's roots. On the other hand, Fu Shen, specifically refers to the sclerotium of Poria cocos that has developed a reddish-brown fungal growth on its surface, resulting from a parasitic fungus called Wolfiporia extensa infecting the Poria cocos.

In terms of their medicinal properties, Fu Shen is believed to have additional medicinal values compared to Fu Ling; Fu Ling is often adopted in Traditional Chinese Medicine due to its mild and calming properties.

Both Fu Ling and Fu Shen have their own unique uses in traditional Chinese medicine, and the choice depends on the specific therapeutic goals of a treatment. Therefore, it's essential to consult with a qualified traditional Chinese medicine practitioner for proper guidance and dosage when using these herbal remedies.


by Jingzi 2023/09/01

September 01, 2023 — The Herb Depot

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