Our modern, Western culture likes to favour the individual over the community, the singular over the whole, but the pandemic seems to have shown us otherwise. Staying indoors and wearing masks are promoted by government officials an act of community prevention and spread over the fear of one's mortality (perhaps not for all). Taking personal responsibility to care for yourself (wearing a mask, washing hands, keeping social distancing and staying at home as much as possible) serves not only you and your household, but your community, and the healers within the community. Caring for your community whether that be staying home, wearing a mask, donating food to local food banks or community fridge is also an act of personal preventative health. Self-care is community care. Community care is self-care. In a world full of division and suffering, how can we serve our community and therefore serve ourselves. how can we serve ourselves and therefore the community?

The act of personal preventative care as a community action is not new nor novel. Traditionally, the village or town doctor was an integral cog of the community, cared for and fed by their neighbours/patients. Keeping their neighbourhood inhabitants healthy was an act of personal insurance for their own well-being, meals, and shelter. An ill community meant that they themselves had no one to support them. It was an act of mutual support for one to care for oneself and their healers and for the healers to care for the community in order to be cared for. 

Taking steps to support your immunity with our Immune Boost Herbal Tea, Extra Strength Yin Chiao, or Jade Shield Pills (Yu Ping Feng San) are simple measures to boost your immunity especially in this cold weather. Herbs like Ling Zhi (Reishi) and Cordyceps support lung health and immunity. 

What acts of personal preventative health are you taking?

January 25, 2021 — The Herb Depot

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