Welcome to the new decade where our vision for the future is 20/20!  

The last decade has been one of massive and rapid change - environmental and climate decline, light speed information dissemination, the rapid spring of metropolitan cities (especially here in Toronto), questionable world leaders, natural disasters, and we as individuals. Every ten years, we move up a life cycle, from our teens to our twenties, forties to mid-age. Every ten years, the Agave americana blooms. Every ten years, we go through one "Luck Cycle" according to Chinese astrology. Things change, but how do we adapt or react to it? Do we cling on to what was? Do we hope for change to come more quickly? Are we overwhelmed by the speed of which change occurs?  

Our bodies inevitably go through change, cells die and regenerate every moment, and henceforth a changed person from the moment before. Heraclites once said, that no one can step in the same river twice. The river is no longer the same, nor the person. The same can be said of our body. In every moment that passes, we are no longer who we were. 

Acceptance to change is not easy as we humans like to stick to what we know. It is an evolutionary response to keep us alive. But let us ask ourselves, why do we hold on to things or people that no longer serve us, why do we get stuck in life narratives (ie. I can't do anything right, I'm not the right body size, life is scary and dangerous), why do we hold our breath? Acceptance does not mean resigning and allowing change take over your life, but rather giving it space to exist as a moment that will also pass. Not allowing the energy to flow creates blockages that can manifest as illnesses and pain. Let it go, let it flow.  

Menopause is natural and beautiful change that occur to people who have periods. It does not only affect the body and the inner systems, but moods may change, views may change, attached identities may change. Allowing the change to occur without resistance is difficult especially when you are handling uncomfortable symptoms. Our Calm and Sleep Beauty Tonic, which contains all-natural ingredients like shishandra and goji berries, helps regulate the endocrine system, nourishes the liver and the heart to clear the yin fire and maintain its balance. It also calms the mind and aids in relief of common menopause symptoms such as insomnia, heart palpitations, hot flashes, headaches, poor memory, dizziness, tinnitus, and general body aches. Click for the link below!

How is your body feeling today? Sore, relaxed, in pain, tired, energetic, restless? If you are in pain, accept the pain for what it is. If you are energetic, perhaps harness that energy for something you’d normally never do. Acknowledge and honour your body and honour these sensations and then allow them to move into the space that is the past. 

Hopping into the new year, let us leave behind what was and welcome what is and will be. It's going to be amazing!

January 10, 2020 — The Herb Depot


Gulden Inanc said:

I am awake since 5am, getting hot flush, my heart palpitations…e.tc. I remember herbdepot and start it to look for remedies for my menopausal syndromes that I am having last 9 months (age41). I read your article and you absolutely right, I have to accept this menopause and be relax ! Because my worries making worse my menopause syndromes. I will try my best. Thank you for this well written article. Goldie🤗

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