King of Cordyceps Capsules 蟲草王 (LUNG SUPPORT)

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NPN: 80009943

60 Capsules 



Traditional Chinese Medicine used to strengthen and support lung and kidney health. Cordyceps is a Chinese mushroom used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for lung protection and reproductive invigoration, as well as to balance qi.

  • Increases energy levels, reduces fatigue
  • Enhanced ability to use oxygen
  • Relieves Asthma
  • Increases lung function
  • Boosts libido and sexual function
  • Improves exercise capacity, athletic performance and resistance to fatigue


Medicinal Ingredient:

Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis) (Whole Fungus)...500mg 


Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide


Recommended Use: 

Adults: Take 2 capsules, 3 times daily.



Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding