Nourishing Calm Herbal Tea Blend

$8.85 CAD

This infusion is like a warm hug from a loved one, their sweet perfume enveloping you even after they releases you from their embrace.  

Ideal for days where cozy is the required position, this infusion nourishes the blood, invigorates the Spleen to aid digestion and blood, and calms the spirits making it a perfect aid for sleep issues.  



Longan Fruit (Long Yan Rou) 

Jujube (Da Zao) 

Goji Berries (Gou Qi Zi) 


Total Wt.: 245g

One package is approximately 18-20 servings. 


Simply infuse in hot water for 3-5 minutes before serving. This infusion can be made 3-4 times or until flavourless. 

Jujubes should be halved or quartered to best release their flavour and benefits. 



For each standard 150ml mug, about 5-10 Goji Berries and 3-4 Longan Fruit pieces and 1-2 Jujubes.  

This blend should only be taken before and after menstruation, never during! 



Do not consume while menstruating or while bleeding.

Consult your TCM practitioner if pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended to replace your practitioner. It is intended for general well-being and does not involve the diagnosing, prognosticating, or prescribing of medicine for any disease.   



Sugar, Caffeine, Artificial Flavours, Food Colouring, or Preservatives