Dampness Expelling Soup Packet 祛湿赤小豆薏苡仁汤

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Dampness Expelling-Adzuki Bean and Job's Tear Seed Soup

祛湿赤小豆薏苡仁汤 / 祛溼赤小豆薏苡仁湯


Known as the "deity water" among Cantonese, this soup is crafted specifically for cleansing dampness, reducing swelling, and strengthening the Spleen and Stomach. 

If you are constantly feeling fatigue and heavy, lack of appetite with swollen body and sluggish bowl movement, it could be signs of dampness.  This soup could be a good choice for your daily drink.  It is formulated with four herbs Adzuki bean, Job's Tear Seed, Poria and Euryale Seed. 

Adzuki bean is full of minerals and vitamins as well as fibers that help with digestion, urination and reducing general edema. The red color of adzuki bean boosts the Heart on the spiritual level. 

Job's tear, also called Yi Yi Ren, is considered as a top herb in the ancient Chinese medicine book Agriculture God's Canon of Materia Medica. Widely used as both medicine and food, job's tear seed is great for the Spleen and clearing dampness.

Poria is a type of mushroom usually harvested from pine tree that has been used in Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years. The Chinese name of Poria is Fu Ling茯苓,  pronounced the same as Fu Ling 伏靈-crouching spirits, reflecting the cleansing and calming medicinal value of this herb. 

Euryale Seeds are seeds from prickly waterlily, also known as fox nuts. They are traditionally used in cooking across Asia. In Chinese Medicine, Euryale seeds (Qian Shi) are considered a Kidney tonics that help with urination, Sleep Qi deficiency and chronic diarrhea. 


Adzuki bean (Chi Xiao Dou, 赤小豆) 

Job’s Tears Seed (Yi Yi Ren 薏苡仁)

Poria (Fu Ling 茯苓)

Euryale Seeds (Qian Shi 芡實)

Total weight: 120g




Adzuki bean (Chi Xiao Dou, 赤小豆) - Promotes urination and reduces edema; clears damp heat; disperses blood stasis, reduces swelling and reduces fire toxicity. 

Job’s Tears Seed (Yi Yi Ren 薏苡仁) - Strengthens the Spleen and resolves dampness; expels wind-dampness and relieves pain; clears heat and expels pus; clear damp-heat

Poria (Fu Ling 茯苓)- Promotes urination and leaches out dampness; strengthens the Spleen and harmonizes the middle jiao; strengthens the Spleen; Quiets the Heart, calms the spirit and soothes the nerves. 

Euryale Seeds (Qian Shi 芡實)- Strengthens the Spleen and stops diarrhea; stabilizes the Kidneys and astringes Jing; Expels dampness and stops discharge. 

 *Source: Americandragon.com



STEP 1-Prepare the Job's Tear Seeds


Raw Job's tear seeds carry a cold nature that requires a toasting/roasting process to remove the harshness of the cold. People with weak Spleen are not recommended to take raw Job's Tear seeds.  

  • TOASTING METHOD: Preheat oven to 350F. Spread the Job's tear seeds out on a small roasting pan in a single layer and toast for 30 to 35 minutes until deep amber in color.
  • ROASTING METHOD: Preheat a wok or skillet over low heat. Add the Job's tear seed and stir around until it turns yellow. (It takes about 15-20 mins). No cooking oil used.  

STEP 2-Soak all the ingredients for at least three hours

STEP 3-Add 600-700 ml into the pot with all the ingredients. Bring the water to boil then turn to medium heat. Cook for 30-40 min until the Adzuki beans are tender. 

STEP 4- Enjoy hot or warm. Herbs can be eaten alongside soup for increased benefits.



Each batch of this soup is 2-3 servings, and can be consumed 2-3 times over a day. Herbs can be eaten alongside soup for increased benefits. 

Since this formula is neutral in natural, it is ideal for regular consumption.

Always drink warm or hot!



Consult your TCM practitioner if pregnant or breastfeeding. This product is not intended to replace your practitioner. It is intended for general well-being and does not involve the diagnosing, prognosticating, or prescribing of medicine for any disease. 



Sugar, Caffeine, Artificial Flavours, Food Colouring, or Preservatives