999 Zhuanggu Guanjie Pills 壮骨关节丸 (Bone Support) (Bundle of 3 Discount)

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Bundle of 3 Discount!





Enrich blood, improve blood circulation, used for relieving pain due to joint and bone deficiency of liver and kidney. Traditionally used for relief of joint pain, minor swellings, muscles sprain and headache.


Medicinal Ingredients:

Radix Astragli…38%

Herba Epimedii…10%

Radix Rehmannia Preparata…18%

Caulis Spatholobi…10%

Radix Saviae Miltiorrhizae...8%

Tuckahoe Poria…8%

Radix Dipsaci…8%


Recommended Dose:

For ordinary cases: One cap (6g) after breakfast and dinner. One month for a course. Generally 3 courses are needed.

For serious cases: One bottle lid (6g) 3 times a day after meals. One month for a course, 3 courses are needed.



Not suitable for pregnancy, children or nursing mother.