Staying at home and keeping a safe social distance is the surest way to lowering numbers and flattening the curve during these turbulent times. Here are ways we are keeping up our health while we hunker down at home!


Cold water is an absolute no-go in the Chinese health philosophy. It shocks the internal body and creating imbalance especially when drunk with hot food. 


Practicing pranayam or controlled and intentional breathing increases vascular function, increases vagal tone (therefore calming the sympathetic nervous system), and strengthens the lungs. The lungs according to TCM circulate wei qi, or defensive qi, which acts as your immune system. Strengthening your breath calms the body and strengthens immunity.

Check out how to practice "Box Breathing".


Your WFH situation probably means you are moving less than regular. A self massage using a gua sha tool on the body and/or face is a great way to move stagnated fluid and get your circulation going.


We can all agree that plants and herbs carry an enormous ability to heal the human spirit and body whether they are in our homes, in nature, or in what we ingest. 

Herbs like ReishiCordyseps, and Ginseng are absolute powerhouses that help increase and maintain general wellness and health. 


Sleep in the greatest healing tool. Just because you don't have to wake up early to commute to work doesn't mean you can sleep later! A healthy and long life rests on the amount of sleep you have.

Trouble getting to sleep because of anxiety? Having a warming cup of Lily flower tea is sure to soothe the nerves and gently send you off into seas of tranquil dreams.


Check out our STAY HOME collection for more products to better health while we all stay home to stay safe. 



May 01, 2020 — The Herb Depot

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