KWD808-I Electro Acupuncture Stimulator


22cm L x 17cm W x 7.5cm H


Used to improve blood circulation, eliminate pain and spasms, and strengthen the body's resistance to diseases. Treats chronic arthritis, strain, stiff neck, lumbago headache, toothache impotence, insomnia, shoulder pain numbness of extremities trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica intercostal neuralgia, tiredness of eye and general tiredness.

Main Features:

• 6 Independent Output Channels
• 5 Waveforms: Continuous, Intermittent, Dense-Disperse, Ripple and Respiration
• Electro acupuncture stimulation with wire alligators
• Electro acupuncture treatment with electrode patches
• Acupoint and meridian detection with handheld locator
• Easy to adjust frequency and intensity controls
• High quality electrical components



1 - Acupoint detecting pen
• 6 - output electrode wires with alligator clips
• 2 - output electrode wires with snap fastener
• 4 - self-adhesive patches
• Instruction manual
• Acupoint chart


Please note: All dials must be turned to "0", then you can power ON.

When there is a beeping noise - this is a warning noise to notify that 1 or more of the dials is turned past "0". Turn all dials back to "0", then turn ON.