Asiatic Wormwood Plaster (艾灸贴)

$33.00 CAD

Brand: L.P Gentle herbal 

85mm x 110mm x 20 patches


Product Information: 

The product is making of high concentration heating material, wormwood, angelica, ginger, non-woven, medical adhesive, and outer packaging bags. Among these materials, the high-concentration heating materials composed of iron powder, activated carbon, vermiculite, salt, polymer water absorbent resin. The product is self-heating, heating time equals or less than 10 mins, the highest temperature equals or less than 70C, Persistent fever time equals or less than 8 hrs, the peel strength equals or less than 1N/cm



Wormwood, Angelica, Ginger


Method of use:

1) Take out the Asiatic wormwood plaster from the inner bag and remove the release paper

2) Attach of the plaster to the area where heat is needed and then flatten it by hand



Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding. External use only. Do not use if allergic to this product. Do not apply to wound, damaged skin or boils with pus. Please consult physician or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner for further information. Keep out of reach of children.