Chinese Tuina (Massage) 中国推拿

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Publishing House of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Tuina (naprapathy) is one important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and it is also an important clinical subject of TCM. Sticking to the distinctive features of TCM, this book comprehensively introduces the basic theories, manipulations, clinical application of Chinese Tuina therapy, which are expounded in five chapters in an orderly way and step by step and illustrated with 101 figures.

Chapter One, Basic Knowledge of Tuina, gives a brief review of the development of Chinese Tuina, its acting principles and research. In the part of acting principles, the relationship between tuina therapy and the theories of Yin-Yang, five elements, Zang and Fu, Qi, blood, etc. is briefly discussed. Meridians and collaterals, commonly-used acupoints, approaches of tuina liangong, diagnosis, reinforcing and reducing therapies, indications and contraindications of tuina are also introduces in this part.

In the second chapter, commonly-used manipulations for adults and infants are chiefly discussed, including the main points of manipulations, clinical applications, and methods and steps of manipulation practice.

 In the third chapter, commonly-used auxiliary tuina therapies such as ointment for massage (gaomo), medicated hot compress are described so as to expand its clinical application range and strengthen its clinical therapeutic effects.

Chapter Four mainly presents clinical therapies of 38 common adult and infant diseases with tuina. Each disease is concisely interpreted from the view of etiology and pathology of TCM and modern medicine, and all the diagnostic points, basic therapeutic manipulations and modified manipulations with syndrome differentiation are made clear.

Chapter Five elucidates some easily-operated, effective self-tuina methods with syndrome differentiation for all the parts of the body, which can be used to treat and prevent diseases in Zang and Fu organs and other parts.