Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine 中医诊断学

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Publishing House of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a subject concentrating on diagnosis of diseases and differentiation of syndromes through examination based on the theory and methodology of TCM. It serves as a bridge to connect the basic theory of TCM with clinical specialties and is the essential course for all clinical subjects.

This book, focusing on elucidation of the theory and methods of TCM in examining pathological conditions as well as analyzing and differentiating syndromes, is composed of introduction, diagnostic methods and syndrome differentiation. It is a systematic in itself and, at the same time, keeps a close association with the clinical specialties so as to preserve the systematic and integral characteristics of TCM.

In the compilation, the authors have tried to preserve the unique features of TCM and demonstrate the profound content of TCM diagnostics on one hand, and unite theory and practice so as to guide the clinical practice on the other. In the compilation, the authors have also tried to make it concise, easy to read, fluent and accurate. For this purpose, some illustrations and colour pictures are included. We hope that this book will be beneficial to both the international students with certain level of Chinese in learning TCM and the readers in China who are studying TCM or going abroad.