ER CHEN WAN (For Pets)


400 Pills

- Packaged in a sealed bag -

Formula benefits: To remove damp-phlegm and regulate the stomach function

To resolve phlegm, dampness obstructing lungs, phlegm panting 


Medicinal Ingredients:

Alisma Plantago-Aquatica (Water Plantain Tuber) (Extract ratio 3.3:1, 38.78mg dried equivalent)…11.93mg

Chrysanthemum Xmorifolum (Chrysanthemum Flower) (Extract ratio 3.3:1,  Flower, 25.88mg dried equivalent)...7.96mg

Cornus Officinalis (Asiatic Cornelian Cherry Fruit) (i. Extract ratio 33:1, QCE 34.45mg dried equivalent)…i. 10.60mg, ii. 17.26mg

Dioscorea Oppositifolia (Rhizome)…51.71mg

Lycium Chinense (Chinese Wolfberry Fruit) (Extract ratio 3.3:1, 25.88mg dried equivalent)…7.96mg

Paeonia Suffruticosa (Tree Peony Root Bark) (i. Extract ratio 3.3:1, 21.65 dried equivalent)…i. 6.66mg, ii. 17.13mg

Rehmannia Glutinosa (Chinese-foxglove Root) (Extract ratio 3.2:1, 103.5 dried equivalent)…31.85mg

Wolfiporia Extensa (Poria) (Sclerotium) (Extract ratio 3.3:1, dried equivalent 38.78mg)…11.93mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Talc Powder


Recommended dosage (or as prescribed) · Simply add to food

Dogs under 30 lbs = 3-4 pills, 3 times daily 

Dogs over 50 lbs = 6-8 pills, 3 times daily 


Cats = 3-4 pills, 3 times daily


Horses = 66-67 pills, 3 times daily (1 package (400 pills) = 2 days)


Precautions: Do not use when pregnant or while nursing