Feet Massager (Acupressure Mat)

$23.00 CAD

Style no.: JT-C509

Diameter: 35 cm

Color: Randomly choose by green, blue, orange, yellow


a) Prompt the circulation of blood and make the vessel through which energy and nutrition are transit

b) make incretion to be balanced and stimulate the corresponding organs to balance it and make best use of their function

c) reinforce the metabolism and blood circulation carry the toxin in body cut

d) dispel tired ness and relax stress

e) The mat has magnetic yin-yang magnetic in it. Means during you take massage also doing magnetic therapy

f) Our product is small portable. you can use it in home, office, even carry it during your travel. 


To achieve the best results: 

To massage the Arch - place your feet in the mid-section of the mat and walk on the spot

The Toes - walk towards the front of the mat and if possible, walk on your tip-toes as well as the balls of your feet. For maximum effect scrunch in your toes and then walk on your toes

The Heel - place your feet towards the back section of the mat and walk on your heels. you will get a good stretch in the calf muscles with this exercise.

The Outer part of your Feets - place your feet on the outer section of the mat and walk on the spot