Gong Lao Ye (Chinese Mahonia Leaf, Folium Mahoniae, 功劳叶 / 功勞葉 )

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1 lb authentic, natural Gong Lao Ye in bulk herb (sealed bag)

Common names: Chinese Holly Leaf, Shi Da Gong Lao Ye (十大功劳叶). Horned Holly, 枸骨叶, 猫儿刺, 枸骨刺, 八角茶, 老鼠刺, 老虎刺, 狗古艻, 散血丹, 八角刺, 羊角刺, 老鼠柏, 土黄柏, 木典连, 刺黄芩, 大叶黄柏

Scientific name: Folium Mahoniae, Ilex Cornuta Lindl. ex Paxt., Mahonia bealei (Fort.) Carr, Mahonia fortunei (Lindl.) Fedde, Mahonia japonica (Thunb.) DC.

Parts used: Leaves

Benefits: Clears Heat, nourishes Yin, relieves cough and resolves Phlegm. Treats Tuberculosis and Hemoptysis, bone steaming and hot flashes, dizziness and tinnitus, sore waist/backache and weak legs, upset moods, and red eyes. Additionally, Gong Lao Ye has Antibacterial effects, Antihypertensive effects.

Preparation: It can be taken orally as a decoction, 9-15 g; or it can be used externally, pounded into juice or boiled for application.

Caution: It should be used with caution in patients with spleen and stomach deficiency, and deficiency of kidney Yang.


Quality Assurance: The Herb Depot offers premium whole natural herbs, mostly wild harvested and farm grown from quality, clean, pesticide-free plants from China. We directly order from our trusted Canadian suppliers who import from TCM manufacturing approved facilities.  

Based on standardized traditions of Chinese Medicine, the process of selecting, slicing, drying, sterilizing, fermenting, roasting, and steaming has been applied to achieve best properties and efficiencies of each herb.  

Caution: Use single Chinese herbs with caution; professional healthcare advice is recommended. Chinese herbs are generally combined in herbal formulas to work effectively together for desired results, and to minimize potential side effects. You can search our extensive collection of patent Chinese medicine to find the formula with the utilized herb most suitable for your health needs.  


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