Gua Sha Massage Oil (刮痧活絡油)

$6.99 CAD



Improve blood circulation, dredge the channel, and promote the flow of Qi, enhance the scraping effects



Safflower (Hong Hua), Notoginseng (Tian Qi) and Resina Draconis (Xue Jie) 


Recommended Use:

External use only. Adults & Adolescents.

Before scraping, dip a certain amount of the product and apply it to the site to be scraped, and then proceed with scraping treatment (better use the wine for sites on the face, and the oil for sites on body, arms and legs)



Do not apply to eyes; avoid contact with open wounds, membranes. Do not tightly bandage, inhale or apply with any external heat, it may result in skin irritation or skin burn. If symptoms persist after using product for 7 days, or allergy occurs, stop using immediately and consult a doctor.  Consult a doctor prior to use if pregnant, breastfeeding or taking anticoagulant mediations.


Please note: Same product, different packaging