Ke Yin Capsules 克銀膠囊 (PSORIASIS)

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NPN: 80035594

200 Capsules



Traditional Chinese Medicine to clear away heat to remove toxin, dispel wind to arrest itching. Traditionally used to clear heat in blood and wind dryness; symptoms include injured skin which has red bottom, red lingual root, constipation, and yellow urine. Used for Psoriasis


Medicinal Ingredients:


Dictamnus Dasycarpus (Baixianpi) (Bark) (6:1 extract, QCE 540mg)...90mg

Dictamnus Dasycarpus (Baixianpi) (Bark)...15mg

Menispermum Dauricum (Beidougen) (Rhizome) (6:1 extract, QCE 180mg)...30mg

Menispermum Dauricum (Beidougen) (Rhizome)...5.3mg

Polygonum Bistorta (Quan Shen) (Rhizome) (6:1 extract, QCE 540mg)...90mg

Smilax Glabra (Tufuling) (Rhizome) (6:1 extract, QCE 540)...90mg

Smilax Glabra (Tufuling) (Rhizome)...15mg


Non-medicinal Ingredients:



Recommended Dose:

3 capsules, 3 times daily. For adults only. 



Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult a health care provider: (1) before taking if you have diabetes, hypokalemia, gallbladder or bile-duct obstruction, hiatal hernia, acid reflex, impaired kidney or liver functions, high blood pressure or heart disease; (2) before taking if you if you are taking other medications; or (3) if symptoms persist.