Ophthalmology of Traditional Chinese Medicine 中医眼科学

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Publishing House of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The basic theory and diagnostic and treating experience of ocular diseases in the ophthalmology of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are systematically presented in this fascicle with the theory of TCM as its base and emphasize not only the features of TCM but also the characteristics of its ophthalmology as well.

The diagnosis and treatment of every ocular disease in the book is objectively and characteristically discussed in a standard style with importance attached to clinical practice. The fascicle consists of the two parts – general introduction and discussions of specific diseases.

Of the three chapters in the first part, chapter one briefly expounds various physiological and pathological relations between the eyes and viscera. The second chapter contains the ophthalmologic diagnostic methods and common syndrome-differentiating methods in ophthalmology, including the differentiation of external and internal oculopathy, of nebula and of common symptoms and signs. Ocular internal and external therapies and common oral drugs are discussed in the third chapter.

The second part of the book is grouped into five chapters to introduce the diagnoses and treatments of 23 kinds of common ocular diseases that occur in the eyelid, canthi, bulbar conjunctiva, cornea and pupil. The discussion of each disease is precise and appropriate in TCM, and the treating methods introduces are dependable and practical.