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Packaged in recycled paper bags

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Kuding Tea is bitter with a lingering sweet after-taste and offers many impressive health benefits such as draining toxins and wind-heat due to the high number of antioxidants; clearing headaches, itching and red eyes, calming agitation or fidgeting due to its ability to weigh Qi downward; clearing the common cold or rhinitis; transforming phlegm and alleviating cough to benefit respiratory tract illnesses like bronchitis, as well as the sinuses; and finally invigorating digestion to aid indigestion.  

Modern studies have also found Kuding Tea promotes blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and blood lipids including cholesterol, acts as a diuretic, and benefits the maintenance of body weight.

Because of its cooling nature, Kuding Tea is not recommended for those with low blood pressure, during pregnancy or menstruation, acid reflux, those with a weak digestive system, or cold stomach.  

A single stick or ‘spike’ is enough for one cup of tea that can be infused multiple times, which will diffuse the bitterness and reveal more of the sweet undernote.