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Panax Ginseng Extractum Capsules 人参精胶丸


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NPN: 80024805

30 capsules



Used in Herbal Medicine as supportive therapy for the promotion of healthy glucose levels; Used in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to reinforce qi, benefit the spleen and lung, relieve symptoms of thirst due to impairment of body fluids and internal heat; Used in Herbal Medicine to help supportive cognitive function and/or reduce mental fatigue (in cases of mental stress); Used in Herbal Medicine to help enhance physical capacity/performance (in cases of physical stress).


Medicinal Ingredients:

Panax Ginseng (Renshen) (Root) (3:1 extract, QCE 1500mg)…500mg


Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

Ethanol, Gelatin, Purified Water, Sodium Benzoate.


Recommended Dose:

2 capsules once daily. For adults only.



Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you 1) are taking antidepressant medications; 2) are pregnant or breastfeeding; 3) are taking blood thinners or digoxin; or 4) have diabetes. Do not use in cases of yin deficiency with heat signs, heat excess, or in the absence of significant qi deficiency. Some people may experience insomnia, anxiety, or headaches, in which case, discontinue use.