PHG (Promote Hair Growth) Capsules 生发胶囊 (OUT OF THE BOX)

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NPN: 80015620

120 Capsules/Bottle



Traditional Chinese Medicine to replenish the liver and kidney, improve vision and promote hair growth.


Medicinal Ingredients:

Fructus Ligustri Lucidi (Ligustrum lucidum Ait - Fruit) (10:1, QCE: 3000mg)…300mg

Semen Sesami Nigrum (Sesamum indicum L - Seed) (30:1, QCE: 1200mg)…40mg

Radix Polygonum multiflorum Preparata (Polygonum multiflorum - Root) (10:1, QCE: 1000mg)…100mg

Herba Ecliptae (Eclipta prostrata - Aerial) (10:1, QCE: 800mg)…80mg


Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

Hypromellose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide



Recommended Dose:

Adults: Take 1 capsule, 2 times daily.