Science of Chinese Materia Medica 中药学


Publishing House of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medical herbs are used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as the main means to prevent and treat diseases and maintain health. As one of the basic subjects of TCM, Chinese Materia Medica centers the elaboration and study on the theories and clinical practice of Chinese medicinal herbs. This book, under the guidance of the theories of TCM and according to practical and effective principles, systematically introduces the basic theories concerning TCM Materia Medica, methods and principles in using Chinese medicinal herbs as well. The whole book consists of General Introduction, Specific Discussions and Appendix.

General Introduction mainly introduces common knowledge about Chinese medicinal herbs, including properties, processing, compatibility, contraindication, dosage and administration of Chinese medicinal herbs.

Specific Discussions, containing 236 kinds of Chinese medicinal herbs (including 10 kinds of added medicines), is divided into 16 chapters according to their specific efficacy. Each sort of Chinese medicinal herbs is illustrated in the order of formal name, source, applying parts, habitat, collecting and processing methods, properties, efficacy and application, usage and dosage as well as cautions, the efficacy and application of which are the focal points. The category of explanation particularly lays emphasis on the comparison between some Chinese medicinal herbs which have similar actions, application of added medicines, and other items in need of further explanation, etc. All of names, sources and clinical dosage appeared in the book are quoted from the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China (1995 Edition) as standard.

Appendix contains index of Chinese medicinal herb Latin names. For convenience, the index of Latin names is arranged in the order of alphabets.