Siberian Ginseng Extractum 西伯利亚人参口服液

$4.99 CAD

10 Vials (10ml each) 



Effective in producing nourishment, invigorates the body, relieves fatigue, heightens mental and physical capabilities, and strengthens human resistance. Taken regularly, it can promote health and induce longevity.



Ginseng (3000mg), Distilled Water


Recommended Dose:

One vial daily, early in the morning and before sleep


For Pets (Dosage):

Cats/small dogs: 1/4 vial, daily

Medium dogs: 1/2 vial, daily

Large dogs: 1 vial, daily

Horses: 1-3 vials, daily


Can transfer to a dropper, add to food, or mix with water to drink.

Recommended to start off with smaller dosages, and gradually increase amount