Prevention Prescription ( 預防肺炎良方 ) (1 bag)

$7.00 CAD

A specialized herbal formula to protect and prevent the onset of upper respiratory infection.


Prescription ingredients include (1 bag):

Astragalus Root (生黃芪)...9g

Coastal Glehnia Root (北沙參)...9g

Anemarrhena Rhizome (知母)...9g

Forsythia Fruit (連翹)...12g

Atractylodes Rhizome (蒼朮)...9g

Platycodon Root (桔梗)...6g


Recommended Dose: 

6 day prescription

1 prescription (1 bag) per day, for a total of 6 days


Brewing instructions:

Day 1: Place one bag of herbs into a pot of boiling water (4 cups). Cover and boil on medium heat for 40 minutes. Pour into cup and drink. Repeat for the remaining 5 days.