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Packaged in recycled paper bags

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Wind, dampness, and heat are the main culprits of eczema symptoms such as itching, inflammation, redness. X-zema clears wind and dampness, and invigorates circulation of blood and Qi to relieve skin itching.


ACTIONS AND INDICATIONS: Clear wind and dampness to relieve itch



Poria (Fu Ling)

Atractylodis Rhizome (Bai Zhu)

Chrysanthemum Flower (Ju Hua)

Belvedere Fruit (Di Fu Zi)

Cardamom Seed (Sha Ren)

Virgate Wormwood (Yin Chen)

Tangerine Peel (Chen Pi)



Relieve itching - Wind (when it is all over the body and moves from area to area) and dampness (local with rash) are often the causes for itching in eczema. Belvedere Fruit (Di Fu Zi) and Virgate Wormwood (Yin Chen) expel dampness to relieve itching, while Chrysanthemum Flower (Ju Hua) disperses wind to relive itch.

Resolve Dampness - Poria (Fu Ling), Atractylodis Rhizome (Bai Zhu), and Belvedere Fruit (Di Fu Zi) promote urination to drain excess dampness. Tangerine Peel (Chen Pi) and Virgate Wormwood (Yin Chen) help resolve dampness.

Strengthen Spleen - The Spleen governs the movement of fluids. When deficient, dampness can accumulate. Poria (Fu Ling), Atractylodis Rhizome (Bai Zhu), and Cardamom Seed (Sha Ren) strengthen the Spleen to encourage the proper movement of fluids.

Invigorate Qi Movement - Cardamom Seed (Sha Ren) promotes movement of Qi, while Tangerine Peel (Chen Pi) prevents stagnation to keep a balanced flow bringing healing to the skin.

Alleviate Sores and Swelling - Chrysanthemum Flower (Ju Hua) clears heat and toxicity to alleviate toxic sores and swelling. Virgate Wormwood (Yin Chen) clears heat to ease sores and rashes.



Three times a day, one or two bags each time. Consistency is key! 

For ease, steep 3-6 bags in a large jug or flask and drink as part of your daily fluid intake.

Sugar, Caffeine, Artificial Flavours, Food Colouring, or Preservatives 



Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended to replace your practitioner. It is intended for general well-being and does not involve the diagnosing, prognosticating, or prescribing of medicine for any disease.