Zheng Gu Shui 正骨水


NPN: 80054468



Traditional Chinese Medicine to expel stagnated blood, relax muscles and tendons and activate meridians, and reduce swelling to kill pain; used to temporary relieve pain and swelling for traumatic injuries, fracture, dislocation and relief of tiredness before or after sports.


Medicinal Ingredients:

Aconitum Kusnezoffii (Zhicaowu) (Root) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 13.97mg)…0.012%

Aralia Elata (Congmu) (Root) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 69.85mg)…0.06%

Ardisia Crenata (Zhushagen) (Root) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 69.85mg)…0.06%

Calophyllum Membranaceum (Hengjingxi) (Whole Plant) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 69.85mg)…0.06%

Cinnamomum Camphora (Xiang Zhang) (Root and Rhizome) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 41.91mg)...0.036%

Croton Tiglium (Jiulongchuan) (Stem) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 13.97mg)…0.012%

Curcuma Wenyujin (Ezhu) (Rhizome) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 41.91mg)...0.036%

D-Camphor (Zhangnao) (Isolate)...5.6%

Dalbergia Odorifera (Jiangxiang) (Root) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 69.85mg)...0.06%

Eupolyphaga Sinensis (Tubiechong) (Whole Body) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 41.91mg)...0.036%

Flemingia Philippinensis (Qianjinba) (Root) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 41.91mg)…0.036%

Gleditsia Sinensis (Zaojiao) (Fruit) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 41.91mg)…0.36%

Gnetum Parvifolium (Maimateng) (Stem) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 83.82mg)…0.072%

Inula Cappa (Yangerju) (Whole Plant) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 83.82mg)…0.072%

Litsea Cubeba (Douchijiang) (Root and Rhizome) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 69.85mg)…0.06%

Lycopodium Complanatum (Guojianglong) (Whole Plant) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 41.91mg)…0.36%

Periploca Sepium (Xiangjiapi) (Root Bark) (QCE 55.88mg) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 55.88mg)…0.048%

Piper Kadsura (Fengteng) (Stem) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 69.85mg)…0.06%

Piper Wallichii (Chuanbifeng) (Stem) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 41.91mg)…0.036%

Reynoutria Japonica (Huzhang) (Rhizome) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 41.91mg)...0.036%

Schoepfia Chinensis (Suigumu) (Whole Plant) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 41.91mg)...0.036%

Securidaca Inappendiculata (Wuweiteng) (Root Bark) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 69.85mg)…0.06%

Vincetoxicum Pycnostelma (Xuchangqing) (Root and Rhizome) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 83.82mg)…0.072%

Zanthoxylum Nitidum (Liangmianzhen) (Root) (116.4:1 Extract, QCE 41.91mg)…0.036%

I-Menthol  (Bohenao) (Isolate)…5.6%


Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

Water, Ethanol


Recommended Use:

Gently smear the affected part with the absorbent cotton soaked with the tincture. For patients of serious injury, smear the affected part for 1 hour with the absorbent cotton soaked with tincture, 2-3 times a days.



External use only. Discontinue use if allergy such as itches or rash develop. Do not (1) apply on open wound; (2) contact with the eyes and mucous membranes; (3) tightly bandage; (4) apply with external heat, such as an electric heating pad, as this may result in excessive skin irritation or skin burn; (5) use if you are taking pregnant or breastfeeding. If symptoms persist and/or worsen after 7 days or re-occur within a few days, discontinue use and consult a health care practitioner.