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400 Pills

- Packaged in a sealed bag -

Formula benefits: To nourish yin and lower fire 

To relieve damp heat, and yin heat - irritability, dry mouth, night panting 


Medicinal Ingredients:

Paeonia Suffruiticosa (Moutan) Root Bark (Extract ratio 1.3:1, equivalent to 38.8mg)…31.0mg

Rehmannia Glutinosa Root (Extract ratio 2.1:1, equivalent to 49.7mg)…49.7mg

Cornus Officinalis (Cornelian Cherry) Fruit (Extract ratio 1.3:1, equivalent to 51.7mg)...41.4mg

Dioscorea Opposita (Chinese Yam) Rhizome (Extract ratio 1.2:1, equivalent to 51.7mg)…43.9mg

Poria Cocos Sclerotium (Extract ratio 3.2:1, equivalent to 38.9mg)…12.1mg

Alisma Plantago-Aquatica (Water Plantain) Rhizome (Extract ratio 3.2:1, equivalent to 38.8mg)…12.0mg

Anemarrhena Asphodeloides Rhizome (Extract ratio 3.3:1, equivalent to 25.8mg)…7.9mg

Phellodendron Amurense Bark (Extract ratio 3.4:1, equivalent to 25.8mg)…7.7mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Corn Starch


Recommended dosage (or as prescribed) · Simply add to food

Dogs under 30 lbs = 3-4 pills, 3 times daily 

Dogs over 50 lbs = 6-8 pills, 3 times daily 


Cats = 3-4 pills, 3 times daily


Horses = 66-67 pills, 3 times daily (1 package (400 pills) = 2 days) 


Precautions: Do not use when pregnant or while nursing