Today is April 8th, 2024, the day that the Solar Eclipse will visit the GTA! Did you know that the last time this happened in our region it was 1925? And the next time it will happen here will be the year of 2144, 120 years from now...

Day 11-12 Solar Eclipse

We dearly hope that you've gotten yourself a pair of special eclipse glasses* for this once in a (Toronto) life time oppurtunity, because staring directly into the sun can cause irreversible eye damage! 

* Your normal sunglasses would NOT work either! Please make sure they have the label of international safety standard approved 'ISO 12312-2'.

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Whether you're prepared for the solar eclipse or not, here are some tips that we have for you from Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a couple of our recommended herbal products that benefits eye health 😎😎:

Eyes are very important, and Chinese medicine has many ways to protect them. The first is eye movement care, that is, the movement of the eyeballs to exercise their functions.

Eye movement exercise.

This method can enhance the luster and sensitivity of the eyeballs, remove cataracts and outer nebula, and correct myopia and hyperopia. The specific method is: after waking up in the morning, first close your eyes and rotate your eyeballs from right to left and from left to right 10 times each; then sit still with your eyes open and use your eyes to look left and right in sequence, upper left corner, upper right corner, lower left corner, right corner. Lower corner, repeat four or five times; before going to bed at night, first open your eyes and move your eyes, then close your eyes and move your eyes about 10 times each.

You can also look into the far distance and see distant scenery to adjust eyeball function and avoid eyeball deformation that may lead to vision loss from starting at close distance for long periods of time. For example, in the early morning, during rest or at night, selectively look at distant mountains, trees, grasslands, blue sky, white clouds, bright moon, starry sky, etc. You can also blink, stare, stare, look around, etc.

Massage is another important measure used by the ancients to care for their eyes - eye ironing.

The specific method is: rub the palms of both hands until they are hot. When you open your eyes, press the palms of both hands on the two eyes respectively, so that the hot air will warm up the beads on your eyes. When it is slightly cold, rub and iron again. Repeat this 3-5 times, and you can do it every day. Doing it several times has the effect of warming the yang energy, improving eyesight and refreshing the mind.

There is also pinching the canthus, that is, after holding your breath, pinch and press the four corners of the two eyes with your hands until you feel slightly stuffy, then the ventilation is completed. Do this 3-5 times continuously, and you can do it multiple times a day. "The General Record of Shengji: Guide to the Immortals, Part 1" points out: "Always press your hands on the two canthus of your eyes near your nose and hold your breath while doing so. The flow of Qi will stop and then start again. If you do this often, your eyes will be able to see clearly."

The canthus of the eye, which is the junction of the upper and lower eyelids. The one close to the nose is called the inner canthus (large canthus), and the one close to the temples is called the outer canthus (small canthus). There is the Jingming point at the inner canthus where the five meridians meet. It is an important point in traditional Chinese medicine for improving eyesight and can treat a variety of eye diseases. The outer canthus is Tongziliao, which is also an important eye point.

Usage of acupuncture points.

Use the belly of your index finger or the curved bone of the first joint on the back of your thumb to press Sizhukong, Yuyao, Cuanzhu, Sibai, temples, etc., with techniques ranging from light to heavy until there is obvious soreness and swelling. According to the feeling, then gently rub and stroke a few times. "Shengji Zonglu: Immortal Daoyin Part 1" says: "Use both hands to press the small acupuncture point behind the eyebrows, 29 times (i.e. 18 times), and you can read at night in a year." This method can improve eyesight and treat eye diseases.

Nourishing the eyes and nourishing the mind are closely related. In daily life, work, and study, you should not read, write, watch TV, or watch mobile phones for too long. When your eyesight becomes tired, you can eliminate distracting thoughts, relax your whole body naturally, and sit quietly with your eyes closed for 3-5 minutes.

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Diet is also crucial in enhancing vision.

Generally speaking, eating more vegetables, fruits, carrots, animal livers, or using some cod liver oil appropriately can have a certain protective effect on vision. Avoid eating glutinous rice, thick, spicy and inflammatory products. The chrysanthemum porridge in "Longevity Medicinal Porridge Recipe" has the effect of nourishing the liver and improving eyesight, and is especially suitable for some patients with high blood pressure. The specific method is to use 10-15 grams of chrysanthemum and 30-60 grams of japonica rice. First, use japonica rice to cook porridge, add chrysanthemum into the porridge, and then boil it for a while.

There are also many external treatments for improving eyesight with traditional Chinese medicine, such as medicated pillows. "Surgery Shou Shi Fang" records that pillows for improving eyesight include buckwheat hulls, mung bean hulls, black bean hulls, cassia seeds, and chrysanthemums. They have the effect of dispelling wind and heat, improving eyesight and removing nebula, and are often used until old age.

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All in all, happy Solar Eclipse watching! (please protect your eyes)


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