Watermelon Frost 西瓜霜 is known in TCM to be an 'oral elixir'.

     It can bring immediate relief to symptoms relating to canker sores, nasopharyngitis, larngitis, toothache due to the excessive internal heat, swollen and aching gum, stomatitis, non acclimation, stiff tongue, scalds, burns traumas, etc,.
You may be wondering, watermelon? Frost?
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     Watermelon Frost is a white crystalline powder made from a mixture of watermelon rind and Glauber's salt. It is shaped like coarse salt. It is typically white, pure, free of mud and impurities. It melts when exposed to heat. It is often used to treat oral diseases such as sore throat, sore mouth and tongue, gum swelling or bleeding, acute and chronic pharyngitis, etc. . Because of its long history, remarkable curative effects, as well as low side effects, it is called the "oral elixir."


     According to legend, as early as 200 years ago, the native Guilin people had begun to use watermelon frost to treat sore throats, mouth and tongue sores and other symptoms. At that time, Gu Shicheng, a street doctor who traveled far and wide, came to Guilin and heard about this. He tried to make watermelon frost based on the methods provided by the locals. He put the watermelon into a clay jar, removed the flesh and put it in the skin and saltpeter, then covered it tightly with the skin and fixed it with a bamboo skewer. After that, seal the clay pot with strips of paper and yellow mud and place it in a cool place to contain the frost. Ten days later, white frost really formed on the outside of the clay pot. Gu Shicheng, who was overjoyed, scraped the frost to test the medicine and sprinkled the trial watermelon frost in his throat. His mouth felt cool all over, was filled with ice, and his burning throat no longer hurt. Although the medicinal principle of skin salt and frost was not known at the time, Gu Shicheng discovered that the homemade watermelon frost was effective in medicine, and the watermelon frost could be regenerated after a period of time, so he wrote the frost-making method into his own medicine. In the masterpiece "Encyclopedia of Ulcer Medicine". Another Chinese medicine classic, "Compendium of Materia Medica" also records: "(Watermelon Frost) is pungent in taste and neutral in nature. It enters the spleen and lung meridians."
     With the continuous advancement of modern medicine, the miraculous effects of Watermelon Frost have also been revealed one by one. Pharmacological research has found that Watermelon Frost contains more than 10 trace elements needed by the human body, such as iron, manganese, and copper, and a variety of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It is a rare external medicine that can treat burns, impetigo, ecthyma, and bedsores, chilblains, etc. It has the functions of removing putrefaction and promoting muscle growth, removing toxins and draining pus, and renewing the sore surface.

Watermelon Frost usages and benefits

1. Otitis media: Clean the affected ear canal with normal saline or hydrogen peroxide, wipe dry, aim the watermelon frost to the ear canal, and spray the powder into the affected area, twice a day for 1 to 2 weeks. It has anti-inflammatory, swelling and analgesic effects on inflammation.
2. Chronic rhinitis: Drain the mucus first, then spray a little watermelon frost into the nasal cavity. Generally, the symptoms of nasal congestion can be relieved 3 minutes after spraying the medicine. Spray the medicine 3 to 5 times a day. One course of treatment is 15 days. After 3 days of rest, the second course of treatment can be continued. Usually two courses of treatment can cure the disease.
3. Frostbite: For second-degree frostbite, cut off the blisters on the affected area, clean the area with hydrogen peroxide, then spread watermelon frost on the affected area and bandage it, once a day, and change the dressing on time. After using the medicine, the sore surface gradually dries and scabs, and can be cured after a few days.
4. Burns and scalds: Apply watermelon frost externally on burns and scalds. It can resist exudation and infection and promote drying and scabbing of the wound. It has a good cure rate for first-degree burns and scalds. For second-degree burns and scalds, watermelon powder mixed with honey can be applied, and it can be cured after several usages.
5. Canker Sores: Spray on the affected parts, several times daily. For serious symptoms, take 1-2g orally, 3 times daily.
6. In the case of toothache of swollen and aching gum, puff it into the cavities and onto the edges of the teeth, rub the swollen part gently and the swelling and pains will be relieved in a few minutes.
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